Friday 10th

For the past few days I’ve just been sitting here in my nice armchair by the fireplace, pondering how one would successfully go about writing a quite magnificent first post (nah, I’ve been at school…).

Image result for posh drinking tea                  Me enjoying some Earl Grey tea with the Queen a few years back.


Anyhow, today is finally the day that I got about the task (it’s ironic how many times I have said something like that and it’s never been published), mainly because the previous days my work has been typed then metaphorically scrunched up and chucked because my attention span lasts about 10 seconds at its best.

Image result for writer's block     Me at my hottest.


‘Twas quite a fine day today, except the fact that it came with lashings of OCD thoughts, primarily ones telling me “Bitch, you didn’t go back and do that >10 more times!! Now everyone’s gonna die and it’s gonna be your fault. I hope you’re sorry. Don’t ignore me. Hey!!!!!”

Thus, my main mental catchphrase at the moment is “Shut up, OCD” and I’m very glad that I am yet to accidentally say it aloud because it is at times like those that the little people in front of me start to walk a lot faster and scream.

Image result for scared kid             “What the heeeeeeck”


On another note, I was at the dentist today and hugged my mum in the waiting room, and do you know how my fellow customers treated me? They went like this:

Image result for narrowed eyes“Hmmmm… why is that tall girl behaving so childishly. I bet she’s like 20. No, 30. No, I bet she’s an 80 year old hugging her mother. How despicable.”


That was pretty annoying. But my dentist gave me a sticker afterwards so I felt much better. Like, ridiculously better. Like, how-can-getting-a-sticker-make-me-feel-this-popular-woah-MOOD-FLIP better. Totally awesome.

Then I went home and ate churros. At times like these who expects people not to comfort eat?

Image result for sailor moon food                                     Sailor Moon nomming.